All the customs and colors of Colombia in design


Brand that emerged in 2019 with the need to explore cultural expressions, such as the ancestral know-how in popular arts and crafts of Colombian master craftsmen, contributing to these techniques, the knowledge and know-how acquired in design, ingenuity, development and production of footwear and leathergoods collections, in previous years, in a creative and authentic way, to produce pieces made by genuine colombian artisan hands, transforming them into modern wardrobe accessories, through design, customization and deconstruction, raising their perceived value through stones , skins and accessories; to turning them into sophisticated objects of desire.


Patricia Bueno is the founder and creative director of Antoine Atelier. Born in Colombia, her passion from a very young age has been fashion. His beginnings were in 2006 making collections of shoes and leather goods, behind closed doors for luxury brands in Colombia and some in Central America. After several years of experience, her training with Arsutoria Italia and Esdesign Barcelona, shaped her creative vision. As an independent designer, she stopped doing massive industrial production for other brands, from there she began to reinvent herself and explore the design and customization of personalized clothing accessories, in her style in unique pieces, handmade by genuine Colombian artisans, in techniques and trades popular ancestral traditions, raising their perceived value, usability and differentiation, turning them into modern objects of desire, that exude sophistication.


ANTOINE ATELIER Designs, deconstructs and customizes pieces made by Colombian artisans, in different ancestral techniques, with natural vegetable fibers, transforming them into clothing accessories, raising their perceived value through stones, skins and accessories.

A free spirit, glam, trendy and sophisticated, it allows elegance, functionality and versatility in its garments, with a variety of silhouettes with volume and movement, it stands out for the ancient know-how of master craftsmen and the quality of its timeless garments that tell a story.